Paging descendants of Larson, Harry M. Larson…

Harry Larson, Auburn High School 1930

Harry Larson, Auburn High School 1930

Harry M. Larson was the eldest of three boys born to Harry K. Larson and Lucille L. Larson. All three (Harry, Charles and Frank) were born in Alaska along with mom, Lucille. With a young family in tow, Harry K. moved to Auburn, King County, Washington. Father Harry was from Tacoma.

In 1920, the family lived in Auburn where Mr. Larson worked as a Rail Road machinist. Son Frank would follow in his footsteps eventually. Lucille’s mother Martha, and sister Evelyn lived with them. Harry M. (pictured here at age 18) was 8 years old.

Not much had changed by 1930, the year of this picture. Lucille’s family no longer lived with them, but dad still worked on the Rail Road and all three boys were living at home. By 1940, Mr. and Mrs. Larson would be empty nesters. Charles was married with a child and living with his in-laws. Youngest son Frank was also married. I have not, however, been able to find Harry in 1940. All I know is that he wasn’t living with his parents or brothers.

Ten years later in 1950 dad, Harry K. Larson, died at age 60. He is buried in Tacoma cemetery. Nine years later both Lucille and Frank died (1959). Frank’s obituary appears in the Seattle Daily Times. He died of a heart attack at age 44. Mother and son share a headstone in Mountainview Cemetery in Auburn, Washington. In the same cemetery is brother Charles L. Larson. Charles died 9 years later in 1968. A Harry Larson born in 1911 and dying in 1979 is buried right next to Lucille and Frank. A death every decade!

I wish I could offer more about Harry’s personal life, but no luck yet…

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