Aunt Adele’s Grandfather

I discovered a treasure trove of cabinet cards in a warehouse art supply store on the east side of Houston yesterday and nearly went broke. This was seriously my personal heaven. So many of the photos were labeled neatly with names and date – it was amazing! I managed to control myself and only buy 10 absolutely wonderful cabinet cards. I’m hopeful they find descendants here!

I’m starting with this photo of Alex Reszczynski identified on the back of the card as “Aunt Adele’s Grandfather.” Obviously, his name made him easier to find. Only one person came close to matching this last name – and the many spelling variations of it. Mr. Reszczynski was born December 10, 1819 (according to his headstone) in Germany/Prussia (depending on the census you look at). He came the the US, probably through Galveston since he lived in central Texas around 1856 or later. I base this on a daughter, aged 14 in the 1870 census who was supposedly born in Prussia as well…unverified! I also found the first instance of Alex in the Texas Tax Rolls in 1857. The last instance is in 1899, where his estate is referenced.

Alex Reszczynski, (about 1870-1880)

Alex Reszczynski, (about 1870-1880)

Here’s a short timeline of the information I’ve gleaned from a quick online search for Alex:

1870 – US Federal census – Alexander and wife Adele live in New Braunfels, Comal county, Texas. A daughter Margaret, aged 14, and two grandchildren Oscar Deutsch, age 9, and Clara Deutsch, age 6, live with them. Alex works at an apothecary.

1878 – Wife Adele passes away on May 30th (based on FindAGrave memorial).

1880 – US Federal census – Alex, now a widower, still lives in New Braunfels with his 2 grandchildren, Oscar and Clara. He is a druggist.

1897 – Alex Reszczynski dies on May 22nd. The short obituary in the Shiner Gazette reads,

“The deceased was in his 78th year and has been a citizen of Texas for forty years.”

Alex, his wife Adele, daughters Margaret and Adele are all buried in Comal County, Texas. Adele was the mother of Oscar and Clara according to Oscar’s death certificate from 1945.

One more fun addition to the timeline is from January 8, 1992. The New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung reporting on events from 125 years ago stated that in 1867,

Reszczynski and Pantermuehl opened a drug store on San Antonio St. next to the big Pfeuffer store.

Good luck Mr. Reszczynski!

10/23/2015 An Update:

A relative (Dorothy Hankins) has sent me Mr. Reszczynski’s obituary that was translated from the original German by Prof. Alexander Kallos. Here’s a photo that includes the original newspaper clipping in German and the english translation. Thanks Dorothy! These are the corrections she notes:

“As for corrections to Alex R’s deceased & living family (in the newspaper printout): dec’d dau “Frau Deutsch” should have been his granddau Fraulein Clara Deutsch, Alex’s granddau. Clara was dau of Adele Reszczynski & first husband Joseph Deutsch, the beloved son-in-law and teacher who was replaced at the Academy by H. Seele when Joseph D died. Alex’s only surviving daughter was Adele R D Bernhard, married to Hieronymus Bernhard (my g-grandparents). “Frau Heilig” (Margarethe Reszczynski) was Adele R’s sister, & wife of Otto Heilig. I have a beautiful group picture of Alex R with all his grandchildren (except the dec’d Clara). My grandfather Alex Bernhard was the baby of all three family groups–Adele’s two marriages & Heironymus’s 2nd marriage to Adele. I also have original photographs c.1850 of Adele von Mockry Reszczynski’s parents, he in military uniform, & both born in the late 1700s; they never left Europe.”

Obituary of Alex Reszczynski

Obituary of Alex Reszczynski

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