The Cabinet Card of My Dreams!

This is the photo of my dreams, not so much because of the photo itself – although it is wonderful – but because of what’s written on the back.

William & Minnie Gulledge of Arkansas

William & Minnie Gulledge of Arkansas

Papa’s Mother & Father
William & Minnie Gulledge
William Thomas Gulledge
B. Jan 24, 1868 D. July 9, 1935
Minnie Alice Luckett
B. Jan 13, 1869 D. Jan 4, 1953
M. Dec 24, 1890

Are you kidding me?? My ancestors didn’t put that much information on anything! I am so jealous of this data. Yet, it still ended up in an antique store in another state. I so desperately hope that there are families out there who will treasure this photo beyond words. Maybe there are a dozen copies already in hands of descendants. According to the back of this cabinet card that would have only cost $4.00 around 1890!

As usual, I will add this lovely photo to the Find A Grave memorials that have been created for Mr. and Mrs. Gulledge. There is so much information on the couple already out there on family trees and in online documentation that I won’t rehash it here. They do seem to have had an interesting life and I hope this photo lands in good family hands.

2 thoughts on “The Cabinet Card of My Dreams!

  1. What I would give to find items such as this for my Great Great Grandparents and their children during the time they lived in Watertown and Shields (Dodge County), Wisconsin. Just so happens they lived there during the years that when a fire burned down the courthouse in Juneau, WI all records were lost. I was lucky to locate GGG’s last will and testament and probate as that was in an office across the street.

  2. I know, it’s particularly heartbreaking when a disaster, natural or otherwise, destroys just the years/information you need! I’m always grateful for every little piece of information I can get.

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