The Gleason Family Farm, Nicollet, Minnesota

Gleason's farm circa 1900

Gleason’s farm circa 1900

While I normally focus on our ancestors’ faces, the places they lived are another wonderful view into family history. This lovely farm house was the home of “Elmir E. Gleason” of Minnesota. Elmer wasn’t hard to find; from 1889 when he married Celestia Currier, until his death in 1947, he lived in Nicollet county, Minnesota. He was the only Elmer/Elmir E. Gleason I found in MN of the right age. This photo was likely taken around 1900. In that Granby, Nicollet, MN federal census the Gleason’s had 3 young children and Celestia’s father living with them. This photo clearly shows a couple, 3 kids, and a white bearded old man. While they look small in the picture, a magnifying glass reveals wonderful detail of each person. I hope this is a welcome addition to the Gleason family trees wherever they may be!

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