Uncle Herb, and a very descriptive photo ID!

The back of this cabinet card provided me with some great information, and without it, it would have been much harder to identify the right Mr. Herb Smith. It reads: “Uncle Herb Smith, Blanche Myers brother, 6 child of the … Continue reading

A Long Line of George Ingalls

We’re still visiting rural Colorado in 1910 with the introduction of George Ingalls. Any fan of Little House on the Prairie would want to find out who this man was. Well, George W. Ingalls was born in Connecticut around 1860. He was the son of George Ingalls and Phiania; both of whom were also born in Connecticut. His grandfather was George S. Ingalls. But the line of George would end with George W.

George Ingalls of Ordway, Colorado, 1910

George Ingalls of Ordway, Colorado, 1910

Here’s the wonderfully abundant timeline of his and his family’s life thanks to census records:

1850 – George’s father (George) was 24 living with his father (George S.) a blacksmith, aged 63 and his siblings: Eliza, Nancy,and Ellen. They lived in Pomfret, CT. His mother had apparently already passed away.

1860 – Still in Pomfret, CT. Father George had now married Phiania and had two children of their own Clarissa (5) and Henry (2). They still lived with grandfather George S. who was still working as a blacksmith.

1870 – Pomfred, CT. The tables had turned George S. was no longer Head of household. At age 80 he lived with son George and Phiania. They were farmers. Our George now entered the picture, he was 9 years older with siblings Clarissa and Henry.

1880 – The family made a move to Stapelton, Chickasaw, Iowa. Our George was 19, Clarissa, 25. George S. had died 5 years earlier in February of 1875. Tragically so had big brother Henry. Henry died about one month before grandfather George at the young age of 17. Both are buried in Windham County, CT.

1885 – George & Phiania lived alone still in Chicksaw, IA; still farming.

1900 – Our George has married! According to the census in 1882 he and Gertrude married and at some point moved to Otero county, Colorado. Probably before 1885 since they are not in that census. They have two children: Clarissa and Henry. Clearly George was very close to his brother and sister. George’s occupation was Stock Raiser.

1910 – the year of the photo: Ordway, Otero county, CO. George W. was a farmer (when he wasn’t busy with the Reception Committee for the 4th of July!) Daughter Clarissa, now 25, was teaching and son Henry aged 26 had no occupation listed.

1920 – George W., Gertrude, and Clarissa now live in Manzanola, CO. George’s occupation was Bee Man in a Apiary! Clarissa was still teaching and Henry has moved on to bigger things.

1930 – Another big move, this time to Basin, Big Horn county, Wyoming. This appeared to be George and Gertrude’s retirement home. No occupation is listed.

1936 – A short 6 years of retirement; George W. died and is buried in Mount View Cemetery in Basin, WY. Gertrude died later that same year and is buried with him.

The Ingalls' Family Tree

The Ingalls’ Family Tree

Albert R. Haskin, Principal Eastman Business College

Albert R. Haskin, Principal of the Eastman Business College

Albert R. Haskin, Principal of the Eastman Business College

In 1888, Albert R. Haskin was the principal of the Eastman Business College. (See the full class photo here.) He was married to Mary Haskin with 2 children Albert and Minnie, aged 9 and 5 respectively.

Albert R. was born about 1850 in Indiana – although you’ll see Iowa on some documents – to Caleb and Rebecca Haskin. He appeared to be their oldest child. His father and grandfather were both farmers in Iowa when the family lived there. But by age 24, in 1874 Albert married a woman from New York (Mary). He was likely living there at the time.

His professional career (all in New York, most in Poughkeepsie) was in teaching and accounting. According the the census records: 1880 – Professor, 1892 – Teacher, 1900 – Auditor, 1910 – Accountant for a Tobacco company. I don’t see him in any census records after 1910 so he likely died before 1920.

It’s possible his daughter never married as she lived alone with her father in 1910, after Mary died. Minnie was 28 then. Son, Albert Cline Haskin (Cline is Mary’s maiden name I believe) was living with wife Julia in Connecticut in 1920.

Hopefully we can find some interested descendants!

Walter & May Ellis

Walter T. Ellis and wife May Holden Ellis

What a great photo! I’d like to do a recreation of this one. This is Walter T. Ellis and wife May Holden Ellis – according to the writing on the back. The photo was taken in Sioux City, Iowa. Click here to see the eBay sale of the picture by postype if you’d like to own it.

Here’s what I’ve been able to discover about the couple: Walter, whose middle initial is often F., was born about 1863. The couple were married in Chicago on November 22, 1894. In 1900, they lived in Des Moines, Iowa with son Harold who is 4. By 1910 they moved to Sioux City – still with only the one son. Walter was born in Iowa, May (or Mary as she is sometimes documented) in Massachusetts in 1867. They have a beautiful marriage license online at familysearch.com as well.

May died in Los Angeles, California in 1946; Walter had preceded her in death.