Albert R. Haskin, Principal Eastman Business College

Albert R. Haskin, Principal of the Eastman Business College

Albert R. Haskin, Principal of the Eastman Business College

In 1888, Albert R. Haskin was the principal of the Eastman Business College. (See the full class photo here.) He was married to Mary Haskin with 2 children Albert and Minnie, aged 9 and 5 respectively.

Albert R. was born about 1850 in Indiana – although you’ll see Iowa on some documents – to Caleb and Rebecca Haskin. He appeared to be their oldest child. His father and grandfather were both farmers in Iowa when the family lived there. But by age 24, in 1874 Albert married a woman from New York (Mary). He was likely living there at the time.

His professional career (all in New York, most in Poughkeepsie) was in teaching and accounting. According the the census records: 1880 – Professor, 1892 – Teacher, 1900 – Auditor, 1910 – Accountant for a Tobacco company. I don’t see him in any census records after 1910 so he likely died before 1920.

It’s possible his daughter never married as she lived alone with her father in 1910, after Mary died. Minnie was 28 then. Son, Albert Cline Haskin (Cline is Mary’s maiden name I believe) was living with wife Julia in Connecticut in 1920.

Hopefully we can find some interested descendants!

2 thoughts on “Albert R. Haskin, Principal Eastman Business College

  1. Hi Jodi,
    I found a family tree on ancestry. It shows that Albert R (Roderick) died Dec. 12, 1919. If it is accurate, you are right about Mary’s last name being Cline. It also would seem that you are correct about Minnie never getting married. It cites the Social Security Death Index indicating that Minerva Maude Haskin died in Nov. 1964, in Englewood, NJ. It also tracks Albert Cline from Connecticut to Manhattan (1930 census) to Virginia (1940 census and WWII old man’s draft registration – Staunton, VA.) and notes his death on May 6, 1950, in New York, New York. It did not indicate that he had children, and I saw none on the census records through 1940.

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