Bert E. Page Jr. #22 for the 1937 Wink Wildcats

Happy-go-luckly looking #22 is Bert Elwin Page Jr. Here’s what I know about Bert after a short bit of research. He was born in Texas on September 28, 1921 to Bert E. Page Sr. and an unknown mother. His father was a widow according to the 1940 census, and I never found his mother named anywhere else. He had an older brother Phillip Page. The family lived in Winkler county in 1940 where Bert worked as a filling station attendant.

Bert joined the Marines and served in World War II according to his cemetery stone. He died in Abilene, Texas on July 27, 1992 leaving his wife Elva Womack Page and at least one daughter, Patricia Ann. He may have had more children. Other snippets of information are that Elva & Bert lived in Albuquerque, NM in 1959 according to a local directory. They also sold some real estate in Jefferson Parish in 1984 according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

I did not find any families with Bert Jr. in their online trees, some do list Bert Sr.  so hopefully this photo will be of interest to them. Good luck Bert!

Sybil Ann Dunaway a.k.a “mom” (1944-2011)

While she doesn’t count as “unclaimed” by any means. I wanted to post a few lovely photos of my mom, who passed away a year ago today. Love you mom!

By the way, the young school picture with her in braids was a few days before she had them chopped off for a shorter coiffe – I still have the braids. I was absolutely forbidden to get rid of them before she died, and now, of course, I can’t ;)

Thomas P. Render

Thomas P. Render

“Thomas P. Render, Millerton, Kans.” is written on the back of this photo from postype on eBay. Millerton, Kansas is in Sumner county, which is where Mr. Render spent most of his (probably interesting) life. He was born in 1855 in Kentucky to C. J. Render and Lucinda Phipps – several people have noted the the middle initial P. stands for Phipps – likely. He lived with his parents and a few siblings in 1860 in Butler, KY. By 1870 he moved to Coffey, Kansas to live with older brother John. in 1880, he and probably a younger brother lived in Palo Pinto, TX where he worked as a stockraiser. 1900 found Thomas in Sumner again, a single man working as just a “laborer”. By 1910 he was a grain buyer – still living alone. He probably died before 1920, as I didn’t see him in another census record. No descendants I suppose, but a family none the less.