The Short Life of Edward Gibis

Edward J. Gibis, age 18

Edward J. Gibis, age 18

Edward J. Gibis is 18 in this handsome photo. He was the oldest son of John Gibis and Maria/Mary Libich. Born on October 2, 1913 he appears to have had a tragic end to his life.

The family, John, Maria, Edward, and younger brother Julius lived in Chicago from at least 1920-1940. That is where Edward, in 1931, was photographed at St. Michael Central High School here as a Senior. Father John worked mainly as a mail carrier for the US Post office. Edward was still living at home at age 26 in 1940. He worked as a shipping clerk. Younger brother Julius was married with a child, but still in Chicago.

Moving on, Edward enlisted in the Army on June 12, 1942; he was still single. Only one more piece of documentation follows Edward after that WWII enlistment record. A Rockford, Illinois newspaper article titled “Discharged Soldier in Fall from Train Dies.” That appeared on November 2, 1945.  The article states that Edward J. Gibis, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Gibis of Chicago fell from a New York Central Passenger train on his way home. He had been discharged from the army at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. How or why he fell is unknown. He died that evening at a Lafayette hospital. I’ve not found a death certificate or a burial record. The only odd thing is that the article says Edward was 20, when he would have been about 32.

Edward had no family of his own, but Julius lived until 1999 and had a large and loving family. Hopefully some of them will be interested in this long lost uncle.

Harvey J. Segnitz in 1931 (any Michigan researchers wanna take this one on?)

Harvey J. Segnitz, in 1931, The Plymouth High School class

Harvey J. Segnitz, in 1931, The Plymouth High School class

Handsome Harvey J. Segnitz, with possibly the rarest last name in the US! When you search for Harvey Segnitz pretty much only he and his dad (also named Harvey) come up. Good and bad news. Good, I’m VERY sure it’s him. Bad, there’s more questions than answers.

Harvey John Segnitz was born on October 4, 1912 in Indiana to Harvey Charles Segnitz and Clara Mohr. He had several older siblings Magurite and/or Beatrice (who apparently died young), Leroy (1911-2000) and Ramona (1910-1992). He also had a much younger brother, Aurthur, who was born in 1930! No trace of him since the 1940 census.

The family lived in Plymouth, Wayne county, Michigan during the 1930 census and Harvey was attending Plymouth High School (hence the photo). His father was a commercial “sailsman” according to the census taker who needed a remedial spelling lesson. Five years later, Harvey married Lucille Moss. They would have at least 2 children, maybe more, William and Richard. Harvey owned “Segnitz & Rodman” filling station in Oakland county, Michigan and worked there as an attendant according to local city directories.

Then in 1958, at the age of 46, he died. I’ve found no record other than the Social Security death index; no obituary, even Find a Grave doesn’t know where he’s buried just that he’s dead. He wife apparently died (either without remarrying or without changing her name) in 1982. No one is searching for the family through Ancestry or other online trees. I hope Harvey J. can find a descendant.

Nellie Marquardt Gaskill

Nellie (Marquardt) Gaskill

This is Nellie. Her photograph was taken in Fort Wayne, Indiana. On the back is written “Nellie Gaskill (Marquardt). For research purposes, Marquardt was assumed to be her maiden name. There are several Nellie Gaskill’s in the Fort Wayne, IN area – but only one with the maiden name Marquardt – and what a great name that is!

Nellie was born in Indiana about 1896. She married Ira C. Gaskill (his second wife) in February of 1918. Her parents were Jacob and Emma Barfeel Marquardt. The couple resided in Allen county (the same county as Fort Wayne) in the 1920 and 1940 census. They lived in Huntington, IN in 1930.

This is an absolutely beautiful picture. I found it on eBay and it can be purchased if anyone is interested – here’s the link.

Ida Dresler

Ida Dresler of Indiana

Ida Dresler looks like an intelligent young girl. The back of this photo lists a photographer, H. Jarrard at 15 Calhoun Street in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I found only one Ida Dresler from Indiana – although she did not live in Fort Wayne. The is possibly the Ida Dresler/Dressler born around 1885 in Indiana to Carl and Mary Dressler (both from Germany). In the 1900 and 1910 census the family lived in Tippecanoe County, Indiana. Carl and Mary are still there in 1920, but Ida is no longer living with them. I would love to know what became of her.

Ida is for sale for a few more days from photomuseum on eBay for any family that would like to own her.