“Mabel” Kiyo Natori Shigaya Ida, providing a “silent support”

Mabel Natori, 18 years old in 1930

This young woman, with the American first name and hairstyle, was born Kiyo Natori. She was born in Seattle, Washington on February 16, 1912 to Japanese parents Kiku and Kenjiro Natori. Like many non-European immigrants she would adopt a more … Continue reading

Erma Franscioni, and a renewed appreciation for yearbooks

Erma Franscioni, 2nd grade, Gonzales, CA

Erma Franscioni is a serious looking 8 year old in the 1923 Second grade class of Gonzales Grammar School in Gonzales, Monterey county, California. Like many of her classmates her parents were from Switzerland; her father a farmer. The first … Continue reading

The second graders of Cannery Row, 1923

The 2nd grade class of Gonzales Grammar School, Monterey Co., CA

Little 8 year old Sam Yop Jr. almost didn’t know his father. Sam is pictured here with a wonderful group of ragamuffin kids living in Gonzales, Monterey county, California in the year 1923. Sam’s father (Sam Yop Sr.) worked on … Continue reading

A. C. Hoppmann, that’s “Judge Hoppmann” to the rest of us

A. C. Hoppmann, Law Student

Another product of the 1896 class of the University of Wisconsin Law School, A. C. Hoppmann – or, as I believe him to be, August Charles Hoppmann. Mr. Hoppmann has a very stable pattern of documentation for his lifetime in … Continue reading

J. H. Liesenfeld and the very tiny law class of 1896

University of Wisconsin Law Class 1896

Now this is a tiny photo! You probably can’t tell how small exactly, but it’s the 1896 law class from the University of Wisconsin squeezed onto a cabinet card (about 6 1/2 x 4 1/4 inches). Ambitious. To maintain photo … Continue reading

Thomas Vetter and the 1928 class of Reynolds School, Meadville, PA

1928 Reynolds School (8a) in Meadville, PA

This is the whole 8th grade class of 1928 Reynolds School in Meadville, PA. In the top row end on left is Thomas Vetter at about age 13. In the 1930 census, two years after this photo was taken, Thomas … Continue reading

Olive, a survivor of the milk wagon!

Olive Margarete L. Bowers, 1931

Olive Margarete L. Bowers was Senior at Plymouth High School in 1931 in Wayne County, Michigan. She was either Olive or Margarete depending on which census record you look at. In 1920, 8 year old Margreathe L. Bowers lived with … Continue reading

Velma Cook, lots of info, little proof

Velma Cook, 1934

For a change of pace I’m going back to the Willaimsville Township High School class of 1934. There we find Velma Cook. A great smile AND coif! Williamsville Township HS was in Williams, Illinois, part of Sangamon county. Only one … Continue reading