Henry Kahler and Family

Henry Kahler & Family of Pennsylvania

This wonderful family portrait is, I believe, from about 1886. It is of Henry Kahler and family as it states on the back. The boys names are also listed, “Rush & Wm.” Gretacarbo has this picture for sale on eBay if anyone’s interested – you can see more pics of it there.

Here’s what I’ve found out about the Kahler family:

Henry and wife Catherine Berry are pictured here with their first 2 sons: Rush – AKA William Henry Rush, Rush W. H., or just Rush depending on the document, and William, often referred to as “Willie”. They would have John and Dortha a few years later. Willie was born in 1884, and appears to be no more than 2 in the photo, which is why I date it at 1886. The family lived in various towns within Crawford County, Pennsylvania – the same county where the picture was taken. Henry would live to 1934 and his wife Catherine to 1921.

I’m hopeful that this picture finds a home; there appears to be many people on ancestry.com with these people in their family tree.

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