Thomas Vetter and the 1928 class of Reynolds School, Meadville, PA

This is the whole 8th grade class of 1928 Reynolds School in Meadville, PA. In the top row end on left is Thomas Vetter at about age 13. In the 1930 census, two years after this photo was taken, Thomas … Continue reading

Henry Kahler and Family

Henry Kahler & Family of Pennsylvania

This wonderful family portrait is, I believe, from about 1886. It is of Henry Kahler and family as it states on the back. The boys names are also listed, “Rush & Wm.” Gretacarbo has this picture for sale on eBay if anyone’s interested – you can see more pics of it there.

Here’s what I’ve found out about the Kahler family:

Henry and wife Catherine Berry are pictured here with their first 2 sons: Rush – AKA William Henry Rush, Rush W. H., or just Rush depending on the document, and William, often referred to as “Willie”. They would have John and Dortha a few years later. Willie was born in 1884, and appears to be no more than 2 in the photo, which is why I date it at 1886. The family lived in various towns within Crawford County, Pennsylvania – the same county where the picture was taken. Henry would live to 1934 and his wife Catherine to 1921.

I’m hopeful that this picture finds a home; there appears to be many people on with these people in their family tree.