Rama and Naoma Southworth

A sweet picture of sisters, Naoma about 18 and Rama the year of her birth 1903 (according to the back of the photo). Naoma and Rama lived in Athens, Pennsylvania. Norma/Naoma, as her name appears, was born around 1885 in PA. She was the oldest child, I believe, of Frederic and Mary E. Southworth – also both born in PA. Their second child, George, was born about 7 years after Naoma, and then little Rama about 12 years after that. Quite a spacing!

In 1910 the family lived in Athens, Fredric was a farmer; George was teaching school. But it appears that before the next census Mr. Southworth passed away. In 1920, Mary and daughter Rama were living together, still in Athens, with a boarder. Mary is listed as a widow.

It’s a very sweet picture, and I found it for sale on eBay but with the time it took me to write this post it sold! Sorry for not being faster!  – here was the link.

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