Walter Stollstorff of Chicago’s Manierre School

To truly appreciate this class photo from 1910 you have to see the back – with names carefully listed out by Edmund Lundgren. I’ve used the back as the main photo on this post. Today’s real highlight, however, will be Mr. Walter Stollstorff. Always start with the rare last name when you need a quick win. And during this hectic Thanksgiving week that’s just what I needed. Mr. Stollstorff delivered. He was very easy to find.

Walter C. was born June 21, 1896 to Frederick and Johanna/Hanna Stollstorff in Chicago. Fred was originally from Germany, Johanna from Illinois (although her name suggests her parents may have originally been from Germany as well). In 1900 and 1910 the family lived in Ward 22 of Chicago, right where we found the other Manierre boys. Walter had an older brother Frederick and younger sister Erma. In 1917, according to his WWI draft registration card, Walter worked at the Fred R. Jones Co. However, by the time of the WWII draft card, he was an assistant auditor at the YMCA of Chicago and married to Alita/Aleta. I don’t know if he had any children, but he barely looks like a child himself in this 15 year old picture – you can see the auditor that will someday be!

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  1. Walter is husband of my 1st cousin 3x removed, Aleta S. Young. Before your discovery, I had little other info on Walter, and only one hazy (mid-1960s) group photo of him with wife Aleta, her living siblings, and their spouses. Aleta was a very tall woman. Walter died in December 1967, and Aleta in April 1978. They had adopted a daughter, Darlene Aleta Stolstorff, born 18 August 1941, whose married name is Mattefs, and who I believe now lives with her son (Timothy) and his wife (Debra) in Howell, Michigan. Jodi, thanks so much for your efforts!

  2. John, Thank you so much for sharing. I’m so glad this picture added to your knowledge of Walter. It is a great picture of him and his classmates! Responses like this make it all worth it :)

  3. Hi again, quick point of correction for any fellow cousins and researchers… Timothy & Debra may be siblings, not spouses. Data is still rolling in. Also, Aleta appears to have died in January 1982. Walter & Aleta’s gravesites haven’t yet been located. Here’s another picture of Aleta:

  4. Hello! I was pleasantly surprised to find this picture of a member of the Stollstorff branch that ended up in America. I’m a Stollstorff, but descended from a line that stayed in Germany (until 1968). I’ve been researching the family tree, and one of my main questions about the Stollstorff line is regarding this other branch of Stollstorffs who moved to the U.S. I’ve been trying to find out why they left Germany, and at what point our family tree is connected. That is, I’m trying to go back to find the common ancestor. My father, Peter Stollstorff, was surprised to discover that there were other Stollstorffs out there. His father, Hans Juergen Stollstorff, told him we were the only ones left! I hope this post will find someone from the “American/Chicago” Stollstorff branch so we can try to re-trace our steps.

    Jodi: thank you for finding this photo and posting. It will be a distant relative, but still great to see.

    Melanie Stollstorff

    • Hi Melanie, thx for getting in touch. Darlene Stolstorff Mattefs (d_mattefs [at] yahoo [dot] com) is our cousin to contact. She would love to hear from you! — John

    • Hi Melanie, I believe we might be distant cousins. I will give you a brief rundown of what I know. Unfortunately I do not know the reason that this part of the family immigrated to the United States.

      My father is: Walter Clarence Stollstorff, June 21, 1896, Chicago, Illinois; December 21, 1967, Skokie, Illinois.

      He was married to Aleta Sophia Young, May 9, 1903, Brushy Mound, Illinois; January 1, 1982, Des Plaines, Illinois.

      Walter’s parents were: Frederick Stollstorff, 1855, Germany, May 4, 1927, Chicago, Illinois.

      Frederick was married to Johanna H. Scholl, January 6, 1862, Germany; November 21, 1935, Chicago, Illinois.

      Walter’s grandparents were: August Stollstorff, August 26, 1822, Germany, September 2, 1899, Chicago, Illinois.

      August was married to Katherine, October 24, 1824, Germany; March 18, 1888, Chicago, Illinois.

      Please feel free to contact me at any time. It is exciting to have a new cousin.

      Darlene Stollstorff Mattefs

  5. I wish I could find more information about the Manierre School during this time frame. My Great grandfather was principal of this school for over 20 years (approximately 1910-ish to 1930)

    • My father graduated from Manierre in 1911. I don’t know much about the school, except that it was saved from closing last year by many people lobbying to keep it open. I know that it burned down sometime during the 30s and 40s but was rebuilt. It is part of the Chicago Public School system and you might be able to find more information about it thru them. Good luck!

  6. It looks like Walter was my Grandmothers Sister (Erna). I had no idea she had a brother (or I was to young to remember). I was going thru my late mothers belongings and came across my Grandmothers birth certificates. Did some investigating and everything is matching up Fred and Johanna being her parents. Based on Walters Picture, I know where I got my ears from, lol

      • Hi Bill, Imagine my surprise getting your information. You and I are definitely related. Aunt Erna was my dad’s sister and I found out when I was an adult that they also had a brother, Fred, whose wife was Martha. I knew your sisters when they were little and I met you when you were really little. Where do you live now?

      • Darlene, I sent you a message on Facebook along with your daughter (I hope, lol). I thought maybe you thought it was a scam or something. Message me on Facebook, I found more pictures today of Fred, Martha and Roy (that’s my middle name)……I found a picture of 4 gurls Erna, Pearl, Jane and Mertle K

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