Aldyth Gregory, looks don’t lie, she was remembered kindly

Aldyth Gregory, 1935 class of Macon High School in Illinois

Aldyth Gregory, 1935 class of Macon High School in Illinois

Aldyth Gregory, a great name, one you don’t hear anymore. Aldyth was one of 10 graduates in 1935 from Macon High School in Macon, Illinois. It’s a wonderful class photo; I can’t wait to share all the graduates with you.

Aldyth was born April 20, 1917 in Zion, Illinois to Luther Carl Gregory and Anna Jones. Carl and Anna were married almost 10 years before their first daughter was born, so it would seem. Robert followed Aldyth 4 years later, and Gertrude one year after Robert. Carl Gregory was a dairy farmer.

The family lived in Mount Zion, Macon, Illinois in 1920 and in South Wheatland, Macon, Illinois in 1930. Mr. Gregory passed away in 1939 and I was unable to find a 1940 census record of Anna and her children. In 1947, at the age of 30, Aldyth married Howard Kiesling. She became a step-mother and eventually had a daughter of her own.

Aldyth died on January 10, 2006 and is buried in Havana, Mason, Illinois where she had been a teacher for many years. One touching flower on her Find A Grave memorial says “my kindergarten teacher and was a very kind lady.”

I hope her name (Aldyth) lived on with descendants, as well as that sweet smile :)

Ralph Spitzer of Chicago, another son of German immigrants who fought the Germans

Ralph Spitzer in 1931

Ralph Spitzer in 1931

Meet Ralph Spitzer, a classmate of Thomas Wirth from St. Michael’s Central high school in Chicago. Ralph was born in Illinois in 1913 to Max Spitzer and Sophie Mawicke. Max and his parents were all from Germany and immigrated to the US in the mid 1870s. Sophie’s parents were also German, but she was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ralph was the youngest of 5 siblings (Loretta, Florence, Dorothy, Robert, and Ralph). The family appears to have all lived and died in Chicago.

In 1931, the year of this photo, Ralph was in high school. After graduation he continued to live at home and worked as a shipping clerk for a clock manufacturer; he did not attend college it would appear. His mother died in 1939, and, with the war in full swing, Ralph joined the army in 1942. He married Rose in 1948 (the same year his father died), although I don’t know if they had any children. I hope they did, so there will be some descendants who care about this photo!

According to several sources, Ralph Spitzer died in Chicago in July of 1981. His parents are buried in Saint Boniface Cemetery in Chicago, but I’m not sure where or if Ralph is buried.

Best of luck Ralph!