The Diary of Virginia R. Becker

The 1928 yearbook, is actually the diary of Virginia R. Becker, high school student, from 1930 through about 1932, based on the dates she’s added in.  It contains mainly poetry, quotes from books, lists of author’s she likes, and thoughts … Continue reading

Reconstructing a Life from a Class Photo: Mildred Hufford

This 1923 high school class photo is one of my favorites! The full photo can be seen in this post from 2013. Today’s star is Mildred Hufford. My search for Mildred started as it usually does with a class photo. … Continue reading

A particularly infectious smile, Anthony Moretti at 10

Back to one of my all time favorite class photos, the Fifth Grade class of 1934 in McKinley School of Peekskill, NY. These kids really draw me into that photo for some reason. Anthony Moretti’s smile is particularly infectious :) … Continue reading