A Few Good Men

Just a few of the young men from the 1924-25 Westbrook Commercial Academy in Olean: Eugene Fitch (#98), Lyle Elliott (#113), and Maxwell Krebs (#100). Maxwell kicks us off.

Maxwell Krebs was named in the 1926 Olean City Directory. He was a clerk, his middle initial was listed as C. Maxwell was also in the 1925 NY census in Olean. He was a boarder and confirmed as a clerk. Another Maxwell C. Krebs shows up in death – he was born in 1905 in New York and died in Connecticut in 1988, his spouse was Doris. Great information if we can link it to our Mr. Krebs. A Maxwell C. Krebs lived in Angelica, Allegeny, New York in 1920 to parents James & Jone Krebs. Hard to make the call on all these instances being the same person with only a middle initial to go on!

Lyle Elliott was born in 1905 in Pennsylvania to Charles and Anna Elliott. From 1915-1930 Lyle lived in Portville, Cattarugus, New York. He also appeared in Olean city directories from 1922-1930 – in 1928 specifically as a driver.  I didn’t find a marriage record but on a WWI enlistment record a Lyle Elliott was listed a divorced with dependents. Mr. Elliott died in Florida in 1965.

Eugene Fitch – there are two options here, it’s not clear which one this gentleman was. He was either (1) Eugene Fitch born in 1903 in New York who resided in Cattaraugus, New York in 1930 and 1940 with wife Anne. OR (2) he was Eugene Fitch born in 1903 who resided with wife Geniveve in Olean in 1930 and worked as a night manager at a Garage. OR he’s a totally different Eugene Fitch that I didn’t discover!

One thought on “A Few Good Men

  1. I’ve confirmed with an Ancestry.com user that the Eugene Fitch in this picture is the husband of Anna, in other words, Eugene Fitch (1). Apparently it was mentioned in his obituary that he graduated from Westbrook Commercial Academy. I love when a mystery is solved!

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