Magdalene Weinman #68 at the Westbrook Academy, a stenographer

Magdalene Weinman, Westbrook Commercial Academy, 1924-25

Magdalene Weinman, Westbrook Commercial Academy, 1924-25

Magdalene had a very sweet young face. She was about 21 or 22 in this photo. She would soon be a full time stenographer at the Gouranda State Homes Hospital in Erie, New York. But in 1925 she lived with her family. Father: Charles Weinman (1871-1941), mother Christina Frey (1873-1965) and brother LeRoy (1904-1980). For all of Magdalene’s life up until 1930 she lived in Wellsville, Allegeny, New York – right next to the county where Westbrook Commercial Academy was. She was the first of two children, born the year after they were married, 1903.

Unfortunately I know little about Magdalene past the 1930 census. Wait, make that nothing. I know nothing past 1930. :(  In 1940 her parents were still in Wellsville and her father would pass away a year later. Both Charles and Christina are buried in Sacred Heart Cemetery in Wellsville. Did she marry? Did she die? Did she move? Right now I have no answers, hopefully a family member does. It seems odd that there is information on every other family member other than Magdalene after 1930, but sometime that’s just how it goes.

James Whelan

James Whelan #114

James Whelan, another Westbrook Academy student from 1925, was born in New York in 1908. His parents were Richard and Catherine/Katherine Whelan. The family lived in Olean, New York in 1910, 1920, and 1925 according to the census records. For some reason Mr. Whelan (Richard) didn’t live with the family in 1925, but appears in all other census. In 1930 they had moved to Buffalo. James had about 6 or 7 siblings – including a pair of twins on the end (named Mary & Joseph!)

Father Richard was from Ireland and worked as a machinist in a steel company. In 1930 James was a clerk in the steel industry as well. There are several James Whelan’s in NY in 1940 both born in 1908 one married to Elizabeth with 2 kids, working as an accountant, one married to Geraldine with no children – not sure which one is the right one, but I’m sure his family does.

Hope to reconnect James with some descendants!