Miss Shirley, the Principal of Preston High

“Miss Shirley, Principal” is all it reads under this high school photo. In 1931 she was the principal of Preston High School in Preston, Fillmore county, Minnesota. This class has had several posts written about its students. The full class … Continue reading

Amy Blackmore, a volunteer in the Women’s Army Corp

Amy E. Blackmore was a senior at Plymouth High school in Wayne County, Michigan in this photo. Very little is known about this young woman. She was born about 1914 in Michigan. The second youngest of 6 children; her mother (Avis … Continue reading

Wesley E. Johnson, growing up in Preston, Minnesota

This is the 1931 high school class photo of Preston High School in Preston, Fillmore county, Minnesota. A previous post from Preston HS focused on the Rassmusen siblings from this class. Today, it’s Wesley E. Johnson. Thankfully his middle initial … Continue reading

“Mabel” Kiyo Natori Shigaya Ida, providing a “silent support”

This young woman, with the American first name and hairstyle, was born Kiyo Natori. She was born in Seattle, Washington on February 16, 1912 to Japanese parents Kiku and Kenjiro Natori. Like many non-European immigrants she would adopt a more … Continue reading